Eagle Creek Gallery

Custom Framing


Custom framing is unique from many other products you purchase for your home. Rather than picking from a number of completed items in a store, you play a role in selecting the components that go into the creation of the finished product. Choices in matboard, moulding, glass and how to attach the item in the frame are just a few of the decisions to be made. With the help of a professional custom framer, the daunting number of choices can be reduced to a manageable, sensible process.

Since 1982, we have been helping our customers make those choices and creating finished pieces that compliment their decor, are pleasing to their eye, and fit their budget. Using our design experience, along with well practiced guidelines to create the right custom frame for each job.

A proper custom frame will not only enhance the appearance of your item, but will also protect the item for years to come. There are many environmental factors at work to damage a piece of art, a photograph or a family heirloom. From ultraviolet light, to airborne pollutants to even sound waves, a properly designed framing package will help combat all of these forces and protect your item for years of enjoyment.

And what better way to enjoy these treasured items than on your wall where you see them everyday.


Here are just some of the categories of treasures we frame, along with some examples:




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